Location: Shenzhen,China
Area: 1,270,000sqm
Project Year: 2014


Key characteristic of leading world cities is that they attract the best and brightest minds.As home to the talents, which consist of professionals working in knowledge-based industries, they are the bedrocks of prosperity and drivers of innovation and economic growth.The challenge for Shenzhen bay headquarters is to create working and living spaces with high density and comfortable environment, and to attract 100,000 people to work and live in this areas.

We transform the horizontal urban fabric of public spaces and systemic transportation onto vertical distribution. The verticalization enable the vertical city to grow with a efficient traffic system, integration and diversification of urban activities and programs. SKY METROPOLI S offers a Talent Community and a Cultural Park that are all easily accessible from the working and living clusters. From this, Knowledge learning and cross-border cooperation is forming a new meshwork, which generates a diverse range of urban neighborhoods and opened up to each sub-cluster in a seamless extension of the vertical urban fabric.

We propose a sustainable and economy vibrant city, in which the business activities embraces the green space - as the defining feature of the Shenzhen's identity. This characteristic plays a key role in attracting international talents to live and work in Shenzhen bay headquarters.

在21 世纪新的商业模式下,世界领先城市的主要特点是,他们吸引最优秀和最聪明的头脑。各领域的专业人士和21 世纪创新经济的人才,他们是繁荣的基石和创新驱动器。

深圳湾总部的挑战在如何以革新的视野创造一个高密度的、舒适的工作和生活环境,以容纳和吸引10 万国际顶尖人才。我们的将水平城市街区的系统化交通和公共空间垂直化为立体的布局。在保证垂直城市的高密度和高效率运作的同时,创造了街区式的智慧交流空间和花园式的文化交流空间,形成一个学习型的、共享思想的社交网络,创造新的经济价值。