Location: Taipei
Area: 120,000sqm
Project Year: 2008



Taipei has its own skies. 360' dramatic urban space  is our central aim of TPAC, We try to dissolving away the building in Taipei's unique climate, its woodland, rain, street and urbanlife.

As a creative city, the ranks of globle nomads come here to pick their place. We create 360' dramatic urban space around the 

Urban-stage,  Light-grove and  floating roof,  prividing a peaceful haven in the heart of a non-stop cultural metropolis. It seems as floating horizontal stages, presenting the opportanity not only for actor and audience, but also for the creative and

forword-thinking people come from every walk of life, every class, every lifestyle.

Reflection of passing time, life and natural light activate the image of city fabric. TPAC is also enjoying it.